Revolution in Bunk Beds- Style and Innovation!

Revolution in Bunk Beds- Style and Innovation!

After a long and hectic or boring day, we eagerly wait to get to our homes, be it kids or an adult. So, if I ask where is your comfort zone in your home? I think the answer would be ‘my bed’ in unison! And we would all have to agree to that!There could be no other place where you could feel happier on earth! These days the architects and the interior designers have been really creative about designing our favourite beds and giving it an out of the box look. They strive hard not only to give us comfort but also making beds a treat to the eyes! The best combination one could ever get is when innovation meets style! So, my personal favourite would still be the innovation brought in with bunker beds.Bunk beds have been revolutionised to something very comfortable and stylish. So, let’s get to the types of bunk beds that have all the kids swooning over them!

Yes! The once upon a time old fashioned bunk beds have now been revolutionised and turned into a metal bunk bed with trundle.The old bunk beds remind us of strict convent hostel dorms, which don’t really excite us. No, do they? But, trundles are functional and stylish beds like a coaster which allows you to roll out the bed when you need to accommodate an extra person.This is very useful and popular amongst the kids. The best part about this innovation is it saves a lot of space and money for the parents. Also, it is very accommodative when it comes to kids’ night staying. For instance, it’s your kids’ birthday and his friends would be coming over for the night, normally it would build up some sort of stress about how or where to accommodate the whole squad? But, with this innovation, the worry just vanishes away! Also, being pocket-friendly is one of the plus points, why parents don’t mind investing money in this gorgeous thing!

So, now let’s talk about the full and twin bunk bed.  So, they are mainly two types of them. One being the most common arrangement, with two beds placed parallel to one another. The other type is an L-shaped, with the lower bed being larger than the other perpendicular bed. While the parallel setting of bunk beds generally has stairs to the second bed placed on top, the L shaped setting doesn’t involve this hassle at all.

All these bunk styles are really popular amongst the kids. So, this now puts the parents in a fix as to which one should they get for their kids! So, if we compare the two main kinds, on parameters such as ease, space saver and being pocket-friendly which one would you chose? Need help? Don’t you? So, I would personally prefer the bunks with trundle, cause unlike the twin bed one can accommodate 3 people very comfortably which definitely makes it space and money saver! So then why not! But, anyway, both are a great catch if you intend to get one. I hope this article helps and you get a stylish bunk bed which solves all your purpose!

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